Hybrids – The Cars of the Future

Thirty years ago, a “hybrid car” was something you’d only find in a science fiction novel – but today, they’re quite common, and they’re more efficient and powerful than many people ever thought possible. Those wanting to live a healthier lifestyle or save money on fuel costs are making the switch – if this describes you, consider the advantages of driving a hybrid car before making a decision.

Decreased Emissions

Although they do have gasoline engines, hybrid cars put out far less harmful emissions than conventional vehicles do. The difference is especially pronounced in city driving, where stop-and-go traffic and idling create the most pollution. Full hybrids run on electric power that cuts off when the car stops, eliminating idling completely.

Greater Fuel Efficiency

Hybrid vehicles can get up to 70 miles to the gallon, and great fuel efficiency means that you’ll fill up less often and spend less at the pump. By limiting gasoline consumption, we’re creating less pollution and using our natural resources more wisely.

Ride Quietness

Your daily commute can be a stressful, noisy experience. However, when you drive a hybrid car, you won’t even be able to hear the noise of your engine. Pushing the car’s “Start” button doesn’t make the engine roar to life like you might expect; in fact, you’re not likely to hear anything at all.

High Performance

Hybrid vehicles do offer great economic and environmental benefits, but they no longer come at the expense of decreased performance. Hybrid carmakers offer models that combine fuel economy and high horsepower and torque. You really can have the best of both worlds when you buy a hybrid car!

If you’re looking to buy a hybrid vehicle, you should first learn about the underlying technology before buying. Full hybrids run only on electric power, until the onboard computer signals that gas power is also required (usually at speeds 25 mph and above). Mild hybrids use the electric and gas engines concurrently, which means that these models often have fuel efficiency ratings comparable to conventional cars.

It may seem impossible to have environmental benefits, performance, style and luxury in one vehicle, but it is possible with today’s hybrid car technology. They’re no longer the cars of the future – go to your nearest dealer and you’ll see that they are here for the long haul.